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Tree Removal Cairns

When you’re looking for quality tree care in Cairns, who are you to turn to? If you’ve never had to hire out for these services before, you might find yourself overwhelmed by all the options. Tree Lopping Cairns offers everything you need to get started with a customized tree service plan.

Why would you want to invest in professional tree removal or tree lopping services? There are plenty of reasons. Perhaps you have a dead tree that’s just about to fall down and is posing a serious safety hazard. Maybe you have some roots that are getting in the way of new garden ideas. Perhaps it's that large, overgrown tree that keeps dropping branches or leaves on your lawn or house. You might even have a termite infestation killing your tree!

Whatever the case may be, Tree Lopping Cairns is the company you need to trust for all of your tree care needs.

What To Look For In A Tree Service Company

Finding a tree service company can be tough. Finding one that you trust can be even tougher. At Tree Lopping Cairns, we don’t just do lopping - we also do pruning, trimming, stump removal, and total tree removal. We provide a wide variety of arborist services, too. We pride ourselves on our adherence to safety regulations, an excellent quality of work, and superior customer service. We offer everything you need for a personalized, effective approach to tree care.
Tree Loppers Cairns

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Tree Lopping Cairns - Team Values

1 - Safety

If you’ve ever found yourself in the situation of staring up at a tree that’s tipping precariously toward your home, you know how dangerous tree care can be.

Rather than tackle risky tree lopping, tree removal, or stump removal tasks yourself, consider hiring Tree Lopping Cairns. You can say goodbye to your fears and sleep easy knowing that our reliable team of arborists has been trained in all the latest (and most important) safety techniques, procedures, and laws.

2 - Customer Service

Good customer service often goes unnoticed - after all, how many times have you left a negative review for a company (and how many times have you left a positive one)? Despite this, we’re committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. Yes, even if it goes unnoticed! We will respect your values, wishes, and budget as we go about your tree lopping project.

It’s not just about the trees, after all. We want to make sure you feel like a valued member of the team as we set to work on your trees.

3 - High-Quality Work

No job is too small for Tree Lopping Cairns - we take pride in our work and take each job seriously, no matter the scope. We hold ourselves to high standards (some may say impossibly so!) and we’ll work hard to earn your respect. At Tree Lopping Cairns, our goal is to create lifelong customers. Take one look at our testimonials and you’ll see that we are skilled at doing just that!

Quality Tree Services Cairns

Service Tree Removal


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Whether it’s tree lopping or full tree removal that are on your mind, we offer everything you might need. If your trees have grown out of control or simply need to be heavily pruned to keep them healthy and prevent any damage, we’ll take care of it all for you.
Service Stump Removal


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Stumps aren’t just ugly to look at - they can wreak havoc on the health of your lawn and garden. It might be tempting to let sleeping dogs lie - and to let the stumps stay where they are. Don’t give in to this temptation. Our stump removal services will clear the way so you can move on to more important tasks - like planting a brand-new garden where that hideous stump used to be.
Service Tree Pruning


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You don’t necessarily have to prune on an annual basis, but it can help your trees look (and grow) much healthier. We offer a wide range of tree pruning services to keep your trees properly trained, trimmed, and looking exquisite.
Service Tree Trimming


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If your trees are looking a little under the weather these days, it might be time for a haircut. Our tree trimming services will not only remove dead branches to prevent them from falling on your home, garage, or vehicle, but they’ll also get your trees looking fresh and fine again.
Service Arborist


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Not sure whether Tree Lopping Cairns has what it takes to tackle your biggest tree care project? Chances are, we do! We offer a variety of arborist services besides those that fit neatly into the categories above. We can do everything from assessments to disease prevention - we do so much more than just cutting trees.
Professional Tree Removal

Why Hire A Professional For Tree Removal?

In today’s world of DIY and Pinterest, it might be tempting just to Google how to trim your own trees, buy a set of clippers, and go to work yourself.

Don’t do it!

Not only are you likely to injure your tree by cutting it where you should not, but there’s also a chance that you could injure yourself. Tree care is more difficult than it might look, so hiring a qualified professional will not only save you time - it will keep you safe.


I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but Tree Lopping Cairns knocked it out of the park. I’d hire them again to take care of any tree care I need.

Linda M.

I called Tree Lopping Cairns about an overhanging branch that was dead and about to fall on the roof of my garage. Less than 24 hours later and I got a free consultation and a meeting with the guys. And 48 hours later, the problem was taken care of. These guys really know their stuff!

Hannah T.

I’ve worked with other tree companies before and just wasn’t satisfied with the service. Tree Lopping Cairns is the exception to every other experience I’ve had. They did a phenomenal job and were easy to work with, too.

Bill R.

Take Care Of Your Number One Asset

Your home is your most valuable asset - besides those intangible assets, like your family, of course!

Your landscape and garden are part of that. You want to keep your outdoor living space looking fresh and tidy, but you can’t do that if unkempt or unhealthy trees are getting in the way.

With Tree Lopping Cairns, we’ll keep everything looking prim and proper. Invest in our services, and you’ll benefit in the following ways:
● Keep your home and property safe from falling dead branches
● Stop roots from poisoning your garden or destroying your foundation
● Let more sunlight into your yard
● Quit taking endless piles of leaves at the end of the season
● Know that your trees are growing in a healthy way
● Prevent diseases and pests that target dead or dying wood
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Why Choose Tree Lopping Cairns?

You’ve got tree problems? We’ve got the solutions. No job is too small for Tree Lopping Cairns and we’ll get the job done right for you - the first time. We have a long list of satisfied past clients who will say the same.

We know how important it is to make the right decision and we know how many tree removal options you have in the area. However, choose Tree Lopping Cairns, and you can rest assured in knowing that you chose the right business for the job.
Our commitment to safety, customer service, and quality work are at the core of what we value as a company. We want your lifelong business - we aren't in it to make a quick buck. We’ll work closely with you to make sure your experience is safe, personalized, and warm.

Prevention of tree problems (and maintenance!) is far cheaper and less stressful than costly repair projects to your home or lawn. Give your trees the attention they need and hire Tree Lopping Cairns today for any tree care needs.
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Best Tree Services In Cairns

We offer everything you need in Cairns and the surrounding area - at least when it has to do with tree care, that is!

Call us what you want - arborist, tree surgeon, feller, arboriculturist - no matter what name you use, we offer everything you need for an arboriculture job well done. From tree lopping to tree crown reduction, tree canopy lifting to basic pruning, we’ll make it easy for you to get the job done without having to spend a ton of money (or stress a lot in the process). We’re safe, we’re professional, and we’ll make sure you’re satisfied each and every time.

Contact us today for a free quote - you’ll be glad you did.
Tree Lopping Cairns are more than happy to help you with you tree care issues, some situations might require approval from the Cairns Local Council this will all depend on the situation and we can advise you on whats needed. Tree Lopping Cairns follow all recommended tree care industry guidelines for all tree services.
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